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Cancel my subscription.

I was unable to locate the unscripted button that was supposed to be in the account status. Please cancel my subscription and refund my money. I am within the 3 day cancellation period.


Cancel the subscription

How to I cancel Senior People Meet?


Cancel my subscription and refund my money.


PLease calcell and refund my money

Please cancel my subscription and delete my profile. I do not want your services.

Total scam. I will tell everyone I know about what a poor site this is until I get a refund as a dissatisfied customer.

I will take legal action. This is saved and documented.


serches near my location

How to search for people, with-in 50 miles, only!. also never saw a help on your website. New Member.


What do i need to continue to send and receive messages?

My nonthly fee just expired,so how can i continue to receive messages


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